What is the Walking Song, exactly?

So glad you asked! :)

As someone who has honored the innovative aspects of my being and unafraid to leap in that…I sometimes forget that not everyone can automatically see what I am seeing. Having a vision really means just that…you have a vision. It is up to us to help others see the colors …the landscape…what will be. That is one of the most beautiful gifts of being a visionary…getting to see the reactions of others when they too can see it. Even when it is not fully brought into fruition yet.

Do you feel like you are bound by relationships…the experiences you have had with them? The ones that got away…or rejected you…or ones you weren’t ready for…or brave enough to show up for? Betrayals and loss? Trying to make one currently work? The expectation and story of possession…ownership…commitment…monogamy…infidelity…disloyalty… being taken for granted…advantage of…lied to…used…lied about…accused. All of these parts of the tumbling weed called relationship…that just keeps moving on…aimlessly where the wind takes it. Unrequited love. Numbness. Aloofness. Inability to feel your heart. Someone who loves too much…or not enough. Relations.

Before we dive into that, let me recap something quickly….

I have been singing throughout my life. Writing songs…recording them. Younger years spent traveling the world singing. It has always been my heart.

I have walked my journey in this life with my connection to Spirit as my devotion and it has always been…in every moment. I was given the great gift of coming into this life with the full on feeling of that connection. How blessed and I do not take that for granted. Even with that, I have found my dark night of the soul moments. Even with the ability to always feel with my sentient body…always having connection to my senses…being aligned with my intuitive body…I still have struggled to choose my heart temple.

When I witness my life, it feels I have lived several in this one. So many experiences. So many phases. So many creations…choices…hurts.…joys…great loves…great passion…great loss. I love having such a strong sensory experience! I do…but with that, all of those ecstatic moments felt so strongly…well, so was the pain and loss too.

I wrote three books last year that really opened up a direct line of guidance in which I fully aligned with the sacred flow in tone…music…sound…voice. I began to be guided towards returning back to my own heart…voice…music. This time, with a more whole and aligned being.

The Walking Song is an expression of one’s soul path. The songs that came forward in the three week time they did…and since…they are a witnessing of a soul moving through the evolutionary path towards their heart temple…and witnessing it through the vehicle of relation with other humans. All of those above experiences I mentioned.

Each song…each word, note, melody, chord has specific medicine. Each song moves through a specific chakra.

In my own dark night of the soul these past two years, I began to receive the nudging to be a bone collector. To be brave enough to return back to the ghost lands of my deepest fears, wounds, and traumas and collect the bones of the story. My experience. My view. My perceptions. The shattered and fragmented…splintered parts of the structure that held up my story…my expectations…my longings…hopes…wishes…dreams.

So I did just that. In reverence, I placed those bones in my sacred tote…and they have created a talisman. All of that pain…all of the shattered story…the shadow…ego…light…all of it…creating this talisman of wisdom from these experiences that takes the “story” and extracts every bit of wisdom/marrow from those bones. It is as unique a bag of medicine as it is collective. It is the Universal medicine. A Paradox… micro and macro…individual and collective…all in one breath.

This medicine has been poured into the form of song. And these songs will travel the four directions and meet every person ready to be their own bone collector. So they too create the talisman from their life path and alchemize the stories into freedom from the attachment to them.

To answer some questions, no…I am not taking the path of a “music career”. I am not trying to be an artist or “make it” in the music business. This journey doesn’t move along those lines. This path is a walking song. it is music in motion. It is returning to the heart temple. It is paving a different kind of road to a different kind of experience…and yet, it is old as time.

So what can you expect to hear and experience from this? Well…that is unfolding and beautifully raw in its beginning stages. It will always be in a state of flow and so with that, no way of knowing. It is a road of trust and devotion. I know this much…it will not be traditional. It will be an experience of the heart and soul. Collaborating with others…creating song and spoken word…safe spaces for opening and journeying within your own heart space. A safe space to feel and connect with your sensory body. To welcome all that is …the polarity of each experience and embrace it all the way through to your own voice and music. We are all music. We are made up of our own unique voice and melodies and harmonies…symphonies and language.

This is The Walking Song. I look forward to this beautiful connection and blessing to come face to face with your song.

-Amy Venezia

Amy Venezia