Do you know your song?

Music has been a part of my blood from the beginning of this life. It saved me during a difficult childhood. It has always moved me…and at the age of 11, my heart could no longer hide it away…tucked safely within. I set out to sing every chance I could and I began writing music.

At the age of 15 years old, I auditioned for a singing ensemble and received one of the soprano parts. I was given the great blessing of traveling the world doing what I loved most. It was that experience that opened my heart and mind in ways that set me on the path of the seeker. Always understanding that with every answer…there is always another question.

Through everything I have put my hand to in this life…created…experienced…tried out…my song never left me. There were times only the shower heard it! Or the fallen French fry lost beneath my car seat! Even when my heart was breaking…through tears and a tightened throat, I would still sing.

Our voices are unique and gifts given to us from the start. Whether we sing on or off key, the voice is our healer. Singing. Speaking. Humming. Chanting. Laughing. Crying. So many ways to express this instrument every single human being holds between two very strong allies…the heart and the mind.

I have written music throughout my life and have recorded that music for the sake of creation. It is one of the most beautiful gifts to be able to watch something come in as a stream of consciousness and take shape and form in the physical reality. It is the Beloved in motion.

Every one of us has a heart song…and once we find it, we are whole and aligned and the whole world can feel it in a single word or note.

I am thrilled to take this journey…taking 14 songs that have come to me in little over a months time and hold the space for them to birth out into the world. To sing and connect with other souls and have an experience of unity within…with each time I am given the opportunity to sing them out in front of one or many. To go in the four directions and see what unfolds!

I look forward to all I will meet and hug…collaborate with. I look forward to new songs coming and old ones going and everything in between.

Your song is what makes your heart sing with every thought of it. Your song is what brings you joy. Your song is what reminds you of where you come from… even in the face of the choice to forget.

Do you know your song?

I trust that if you do not, as you follow along on this journey…somewhere along this path you will reunite.

The world’s on time…

Welcome to “The Walking Song”-

Amy Venezia

Amy Venezia